At Focus Eye Clinic we recognise that there is a different lens solution for every glasses wearer. We offer a wide range of lens options to suit the specific visual and cosmetic needs of our patients. Our expert dispensers will recommend the best lens option tailored to your visual & lifestyle requirements.


Improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your glasses.
Reduces glare for night driving and computer use.
Reduces reflections from the surface of the lens giving a nicer cosmetic appearance and clearer vision.
At Focus Eye Clinic our anti reflection lenses incorporate a scratch resistant coating which makes the lenses harder wearing so less likely to scratch.

Photochromic Lenses


Photochromic lenses react to changes in light conditions giving you more comfortable vision.
Indoors the lenses are clear and outdoors they darken to reduce glare from the sun and provide protecion from UV rays.
Photochromatic lenses are available for almost every prescription including bifocal and varifocals.


Normal vs Thinner

Lenses can me made thinner and lighter using high-index materials and are ideal for high prescriptions.
Thin and light lenses improve the appearance of your glasses and make them more comfortable to wear as they are lighter in weight.
Thin & light lenses allow those with high prescriptions to choose from a wider range of modern frames and are available on most single vision, bifocal and varifocal prescriptions.

Scratch resistant coating


The clear coating is applied to the front and rear surface of the lens and is  most commonly known as a
scratch resistant coating.
This makes the lens more hard wearing to general wear & tear and less likely to scratch so prolonging the life of the lens.